My Art in the Doobert Rescue Store!

My Art in the Doobert Rescue Store!

I’m a little behind on the “latest” goings on here with BlueJ Imagery & Art!  I am in application status on for becoming an official Doobert Organization. I am now able to list my Art and other creative items in the Doobert Rescue Store.

I’d like to show you my featured item!

Adoption Awareness Cards:

This was inspired by a FB Posting from one of my Fellow Rescuers Dee L-H.  I loved the poem and thought what a marvelous idea to design some type of card and be able to donate them to shelters and rescues to hand out in their adoption kits, or bring to events to hand out!  The backs are completely blank, for the shelters/rescues to stamp or sticker with their message/contact info.  Please consider purchasing some packs, for me to either drop ship direct to your organization of choice, or ship to you to distribute them in person!  Shop here: Awareness Cards


Sold in packs of 50 and 100, but please contact me for larger quantities!

Blessings and Snaps,


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