Review of Chairpak GearBag

Review of Chairpak GearBag

Purchased this new gear “ChairPak” via a recommend from a member of the new UAS/UAV Group I joined in February.  He had one there I thought it would be mega practical especially with my back issues.  There is an optional FPV-centric insert he also showed, but I did not purchase that piece.  This gear bag did include a thermal bag, though which is great for accessories/cushioning.

Definitely if you order, use promo code TWANSFPV10 for 10% off.

I got the blue one, (BlueJ … doh!)

View my 2-minute Video about the ChairPak….

The quality is really sturdy, yes it took me a minute to figure out the unfolding BUT that was only the very first time, after that now it’s a breeze.  I used it empty the first time, since then I was able to take the time to sort out how I can best pack my gear.  THEN also was the question: TIP FACTOR?— how much weight could be in the bag and it still maintain balance.  Well, my first review here I packed a whopping 13 lbs into that back pack and there was nary a topple of any kind, nor even a hint that it might. that is nearly twice the spec’d weight of the chairpak itself (7lbs dry weight) so this is a 20lb all-inclusive proposition below.  I will continue to add some weight as time goes by, but let me show you what 13 lbs of my quad-copter gear looks like:

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1st pix in the field (below).  Oh yeah and that is my new safety vest I made for when I fly commercially.  I also got two bright orange safety cones.  I am determined (ok downright nerdy!) to give good public impressions of Commercial sUAS Piloting.

Wanted to mention that the site states it fits in standard overhead bins.  I’ve found though, that it exceeds some airlines dim restrictions for carry-on. Specifically Icelandic Air.  I’m traveling to Europe in April so will not be taking this as a carry on. It does however fit in a checked bag.  I have a Flight Gear brand bag from Sporty’s that I will use as carry-on.


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