Shooting a Rodeo – July 4th 2015

Shooting a Rodeo – July 4th 2015

Went to a Rodeo on July 4th  with a few folks from my photography club.  I’m still practicing on my Nikon Digital DSLR, learning settings and how to change them rapidly.  What settings to use for what effect I am trying to get.  This is my 2nd outing with the Club.  Fun peeps. Very helpful, too.  Well, there were lots of changing lighting conditions, which posed a big challenge, but gave me more practice.  Going to go to as many outings to practice as possible.  It was SO much fun!  Here are my favorite images.

4.4 Seconds All Smiles Almost There Barrel Riding 2 Barrel Riding 3 Barrell Riding 1 Can You Outrun Me Girl Power Lasso Good Start I Got This 2 I Got This I Qualified Jumpin' Jax Leapin Lizards Money Barrel PonyRides Sky's the Limit Starting My Descent The Mane Braids Yikes 1 YOU get in the cage now Barel Racing 4

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