Jeep Seat Covers

Jeep Seat Covers

Made these for my Jeep.  I embroidered the designs, and the driver’s side is my favorite Bible verse: Isaiah 40:31  I had found the exquisite bible fabric at and couldn’t resist it.  I also covered my handmade console to match the seat covers.

I had made another set of seat covers for a dear friend, it, to had the Lion as the driver’s seat and a Lioness for the passenger, with the saying: Heart of Fierce Reverence to the King., which had double meaning of Godly reverence to the King of Kings as well as reverence to her flesh/man King.  Not sure they were ever used, but made them as a gift all the same 🙂  They are the Red/Black ones at the end.


Gift for my friend
Just shown as a sample in my Jeep.  He has a truck.
Ladie’s side…

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