Some Motorcycle Images

Some Motorcycle Images

Here are some images I captured in the 2nd half of 2015 of my bike “BlueJ”

IMG_0484 (1)
Sunset by the lake at my favorite park
This was Private property and I played “Bad Girl” to get the shot before getting chased off the property, but i made a speedy getaway and shot out of the driveway back onto the road with just enough room into the flow of traffic that the truck “shoo-ing” me off the property couldn’t follow me out! ┬áBut well worth the effort, yes?
Special Shot For a Friend who likes Dark Red…
I Liked the orange on next to the blue….
More red for my Friend…..
BlueJFavTrain B&W
This is a local Train Station
Fury Driveway 082915_1
Different driveway, not private, and no “harrowing” escape…

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