First set of Paintings!

As mentioned in an earlier post, I wanted to try painting for fundraising to help pet rescue organizations.  I finished my first set of paintings.  Have another 1/2 dozen in various stages of completion.  I will sell these, (hopefully!) and donate 50% of sales price to various rescues, fosters, and other groups involved in rescuing pets.

I also hope to make prints, postcards, notecards, calendars, from the artwork, as well as bandanas, pet T’s, made with my decal cutter— all in the hopes of selling them for fundraising, too.

All these paintings are copyright me, JJ Kelley, so please, consider purchasing the items, so I can perpetuate seed money for even more materials, sell more, and donate more.  Thank You!!

Fun Boxer with Tennis Ball painting: 11×14 canvas.

Boxer with Tennis Ball:  11×14 Canvas
E. Pitbull Terrier 11×14 Canvas
Pointer “Lilly” with her new Bro-fur. 16×20 Canvas
Pomeranian, 8×10 Canvas
The snapshot from Lilly’s Rescue Mom from which I based my painting above. 💜
8×10 Canvas, Boston Terrier
11×14 Canvas, German Shepherd / Husky mix.

Any frames shown are upcycled frames purchased from Goodwill Industries.


I will be looking further into getting the prints and cards/ notecards made, then post those.  Im still researching where to list these to sell them, places suggested have been Etsy, among others.

Cheers All!!



2 Comments on “First set of Paintings!

  1. Thank you for helping Lilly! This is an awesome idea and what a great painting! We were her foster parents! I am sharing this on our FB page (Cello’s Corner) and will also share it on our WordPress website ( )

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