Ted & Pip & Bluebells!

Ted & Pip & Bluebells!

I had the honour of meeting Ted & Pip in person, in Kent, United Kingdom in April 2017.  Lovely pooches. ❤️  While on holiday in Paris, I railed across the channel to meet 3 of the dearest biker brothers from my Fury Forum: Invicta, Huskamute1 & Wigoh. During my stay the Bluebells were in full bloom, and how beautiful they were, indeed.  Allan mentioned they are usually out only briefly each year, so my timing was brilliant.

Anyway, this is a photo Al took a few years ago of his dogs, and when I started these fundraising paintings, I knew I wanted to paint this for my sample collection.

well, Al, here ya go comrade… my interpretation of Ted & Pip.  Enjoy!


16×20 Canvas
Al’s photo
Just a close up… I may paint an 8×10 Canvas of just this area, as I love the cropping


  1. Allan Cox

    Hey Jo, you’ve been so busy! Love the site and your work looks great. So how do we contribute some funds to your mission? Definitely want a Ted&Pip image so let me know how?! Cheers 😁🐶🐕

    1. Hi Allan! Thank you so much, 😘. Im honoured that you will help my fundraising for pet rescue efforts. I will be making note card sets, bookmarks, and prints of my paintings, and will also see about dispatching the original canvas to you :). Thanks dear comrade…you have been a great supporter of “All things Artsy “ over the 5 years Ive known you. Bless you! 🙏🏽

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