My Photo Club!

My Photo Club!

I started a local (Lake Anna, VA) photo club on Then I added a FB Group  as well to mirror the group.  Its been tuff working both angles and keeping people engaged.  Ive hosted several successful workshops right in my studio, and also held a few on line.

The club’s focus is Artistry through Teach & Learn.   We’re called LKA Shooters.  LKA is a local acronym for Lake Anna.  There are other groups around, in Richmond and Charlottesville, even Fredericksburg, but when i had been looking for interaction, those groups did not have any kind of workshops, so after 3-4 months it finally hit me to start my own meetup, and host workshops… go figure, shortly after, i saw those groups begin hosting some workshops…

Anyway, the 2 LKA Shooters groups are still alive, the FB group has been having more mobile device challenges on line, and the one was going to cancel, but I think ill just pay the $90 and let it survive another 6 months.

I am re-focusing it a bit to be more Pet Rescue fundraising centric.

Check the groups out and join, join, join!  Lol…



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