My Photo Club!

I started a local (Lake Anna, VA) photo club on Then I added a FB Group  as well to mirror the group.  Its been tuff working both angles and keeping people engaged.  Ive hosted several successful workshops right in my studio, and also held a few on line.

The club’s focus is Artistry through Teach & Learn.   We’re called LKA Shooters.  LKA is a local acronym for Lake Anna.  There are other groups around, in Richmond and Charlottesville, even Fredericksburg, but when i had been looking for interaction, those groups did not have any kind of workshops, so after 3-4 months it finally hit me to start my own meetup, and host workshops… go figure, shortly after, i saw those groups begin hosting some workshops…

Anyway, the 2 LKA Shooters groups are still alive, the FB group has been having more mobile device challenges on line, and the one was going to cancel, but I think ill just pay the $90 and let it survive another 6 months.

I am re-focusing it a bit to be more Pet Rescue fundraising centric.

Check the groups out and join, join, join!  Lol…



  1. Do you still make fury patch’s? WOuld love to get some made.

    1. Hey Justin! Im not currently making forum patches…. hope to maybe in 2019 again possibly. Cheers M8!

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