Okay, enjoyed a Polo Match for the 2nd week in a row at King Family Vineyards in VA, USA.  My 1st ever Polo match was last week.  Fellow Photo Club member Chuck joined me last week.  Fellow Photo Club member Early stopped in this week, and we ‘talked shop’ in be-tween the chukkers.

So… the 1st week and 2nd week had two totally different ambiances.  (May have been weather related(?))  The 1st week was perfect weather, bright blue skies, low humidity, nice breeze… today, well, let’s say h-u-m-i-d, 90’s…  haha.  There was more families and play last weekend, kind of how I imagined it from the movies..  (mmmmmkaaaaay).  Today was less camaraderie, less families, not so much activity in be-tween chukkers, (like playing Frisbee on the field, kids playing ball, lots of dogs).  Although a few adorable kids were playing tag and some morphed version of ring around the Rosey, to which I eventually deduced I was said Rosey they were running rings around as i stood snapping away at the field.  HAHA!  Cuties…

So those of you in my FB Photo Club (LKA Shooters) know that i learned after last week’s shoot that I had inadvertently doubled up filters on my main shooting lens which was the 55-300mm..  I had wanted to use my Vivitar polarizing filter, to enhance the skies last week, BUT geek alert: I forgot to remove my standard UV filter first, so I had a double filter thing going on and didn’t even realize it till a few days later.  That said, I knew the pix were subpar.  I could even detect what looked like camera shake, but now realize that was like a double image through double filters.  The images also were quite flat and murky, which i didn’t understand, as well as lacking a nice crisp focus.

Well, so now we straightened things out and for my UK buddy Al, here are the new and improved images, I’m sure you will concur “marked improvement”.  I even felt able to put my name on these.. haha.

Well all, enjoy.  I’m sure some of you want to see the ones form last weekend to see said improvements, so I may make another post for those pix.



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