Civil Twilight Flight

Took BlueJay out for a pre-dawn flight this weekend. I’m enjoying having 5 batteries in my stable.  In the sport, pilots refer to how many batteries they used for that flight session as a “x”-pack….  so I can do up to a 5-pack, which this particular morning was 🙂  lol…

I still need to finish up installing the new arm on Matisse.  Plus should really give 9-OH-1 some flight time.


Still performing research on where to list myself for consult hires, (real estate, inspections and such)  I’m confident I have what I  believe to be all the requisite gear to continue bolstering the best image of a licensed drone pilot. Safety vest, cones, etc.  When I return from holiday, I plan to submit the request to Natural Bridge State Park to shoot there in May.

I’ve been pretty active in my drone group, although the vast majority of them fly RC Fixed wings, Racers, and do racing and freestyle.  I’m truly intrigued by the FPV Freestyle genre.  You’ve seen me add a few posts about one of the group members I truly admire: TwansFPV Freestyle.  There is a core of the group that does some freestyle and they all are all pretty creative, but TwansFPV just has an edge as a pilot/artist…  I continue to learn more and more about the sport, and will most likely add that as a new hobby – not the racing but the freestyle.  Trust me when I tell you though there’s a lot to it.  The group is hosting a large event at the Williamsburg-Jamestown Airport on International Drone Day (May 4th).  I will be there participating – but not flying; that’s being left to the experienced ones!  Maybe some sort of Booth Babe or something.  haha!

I hope you enjoy my latest video…  I will be making one from England as well…. so STAY TUNED!


Pix & Clicks..





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