Walking Stonehenge

Walking Stonehenge

Hello all! I had the most marvelous experience this month traveling to Europe.  I met friends from my motorcycle forum there. Invicta, Wigoh, and Hammy, plus their leading ladies. 🙂  Invicta (Al) and his lovely missus hosted me 5 days of my 10-day trip on the coast of Kent, UK.  I have a separate Highlights Reel Blog Post that tells you what all I did while there, and I will be posting more pix as I get through the edits and reviews.  But this is the Stonehenge one, I was inspired yesterday to get the 1st video edit done!  The edit was an all day effort, but getting the “UK Cut” done will be simpler, now that the basis is laid out.  the “UK Cut” will have the group that we met up to have supper near Stonehenge the night before.

I was blessed to obtain inner circle passes at Stonehenge.  Apply for them at English Heritage Foundation.  The pass was for a one hour time slot prior to the monument grounds opening for general admission.  They had two slots prior (06:30 and 08:00) and also offer an hour slot after the park closes. (18:30)

So, Saturday, we packed up doggies, met with Wigoh and his lovely missus, and headed toward the Hotel that was booked near Stonehenge, meeting Hammy there for a group dinner, drinks.


Don’t you know in most pubs, dogs are allowed inside, so that’s Pip peeking out from under the table there above!  lol…  patrons and staff alike will happily step around the doggies laying on the floor.. haha.

Sunday morning went to the early admission part of Stonehenge, then the others joined after a breakfast at the hotel/pub.  Most of these are low res versions for faster loading times on mobile devices.

Stonehenge Huts
Stonehenge Huts

0LR-StoneHenge BW1

StonehengeMain BW

Trilithons — they stand 3-4 m tall!



Sarsen Stones and Lintel (top piece) can be 20 tonnes each.


This was my Last pic on the way out of the circle and is my FAVOURITE! 😀


Hammy and Al
I ♥ Royal Enfield’s!

These are snaps I pulled from video footage 😀


The Heel Stone


Well, hope you enjoyed all those the images!

After Stonehenge, I stayed at Pentahotel in Reading, coz it was near the Rail Station, and the next day I went to visit the Roman Baths and had a glorious, yet short stroll around Abbey Square, Pulteney Bridge, Sally Lunn’s….  That Blog post with Pix coming soon! 😀

Love and Clix,



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