2015 Christmas Party Event

2015 Christmas Party Event

Well you didn’t know i was an event planner also did you? Yupp.. So every year i do the Christmas Party at the satellite office I work out of.  (Although you can’t call it a Christmas Party, and now not even a party, and also now not even a celebration  OMG!!!!!!)  so it was our “Winter Social”  I’ve really had it with the politically correct crap – it’s really gotten out of hand.  So anyway… I do the CHRISTMAS party (lol) everything except the buffet/catered luncheon food.  I always come up with a game.  This year it was a 1-Hole Mini-Golf Course.  I conceived it, designed it, built it, tested it, then transported it to the office, set it all back up and had to re-test everything, coz with these guys at the office, you better make sure the “Hole-In-One” works and can be made!  lol.. So, anyway, pics are below.  Also a clip of a hole-in one.

The other thing I did this year was to make “Spoof Awards” for everyone on the team.  In my job function, I don’t really interact with the majority of the staff there, mostly just the Program Managers, so I engaged them to come up with the titles for everyone’s award.  The awards were like: “The Transporter” Award, for Agilely coordinating ‘All-the-Moves’ of assets from receiving to client delivery. Like that…  Everyone was celebrated for a highlight of their work ethic or skills they put forth throughout the year. The PM’s gave me the titles and I tweaked them so all were outstanding staff members.  Even the guy who just came on board got the “Starting Gate” Award, for joining the team, and hitting the ground running right out of the gate.  So I printed these all up, and framed them.  Then I made an 11×14 Framed poster with a list of everyone’s Award Titles, so the teams could see each other’s.

I also obviously came up with the theme – just a simple red-black-white this year.

Also customer engraved soup mugs, stuffed with some treats, and this year I personally made peppermint bark and Chocolate dipped Pretzel Logs (which were big hit!)

That about covers it, enjoy the photos and clip.

Video Clip: Hole-In-One


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