2016 Calendar VORE Off-Road

2016 Calendar VORE Off-Road

On December 19th I flew out to Vegas to go to VORE – Vegas Off-Road Experience, to drive Baja Racers on a dirt track in the desert.  Jumps and all… It was a real funny story how this trip all came about… It all started because I run the Christmas Party at my little satellite office each year, and this year was building a 1-hole mini-golf course.  I was out at target buying stuff to build my design, and came across a battery operated remote control Jeep that was too kewl – total Rubicon-esque, even mud splashed all on it and such.. Had to get it.. then I was playing with it, and made a few video clips and posted them on my motorcycle forum, and the guys were like – let’s see it do jumps and ramps and stuff.. so i built stuff for it, but being run on AA batts, it didn’t really have much power and the jumps were more like dumps, and the ramps had to be tamped down to a low angle.. so anyway – this guy whiskeytrail8 posts this super kewl photo of a 4×4 super-duty leaping through the air out of a cloud of sand in the desert and writes “This is what BlueJ THINKS she sees” – well… I really loved it and got into finding out how to do that kind of thing.  he told me of Baja Racing and gave me a link, but i wasn’t keen on going to Mexico 🙁  so i kept searching around and found VORE, called them and got hooked up with a trip to Vegas!  So now I’m Flyuing out on a Friday Morning, playing in the dirt on Saturday and flying home Sunday..  Too much fun.. So, these photos are shot by Robbie at the VORE center.  He did an AMAZING job with the shots.  He also shot a clip on my i-Phone for me that I absolutely treasure.. just amazing.  so Here is a calendar I put together for myself – i got an 11×14 one from Walmart, so the pix will be BIG 🙂

Okay, So here’s 3 clips of the Jeep that kicked off this trip… RC Jeep Clip 1    RC Jeep Clip 2    RC Jeep Clip 3

Here’s the video clip of me at the track – VOLUME UP for this!….  BlueJ YouTube Clip at VORE

Here are the calendar pages


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