So, being winter now and my bed head being on an outer wall, (cold) I remembered this old headboard stuffed in the garage, that’s been a hanger-on for over 15 years and maybe more!  So, I was going to paint it, some rattle can artistic finish or something, and then the thought occurred to me– maybe i could refinish it! i looked at a few you tube videos and within an hour I was at Lowe’s getting stripper, stain, brush, steel wool & a sander… I was going for it!  Never did anything like this before… It’s winter, and i had a few semi mild days in the 40’s lower 50’s, nice breezy which was good, so it blew all the sawdust away.

Here’s the piece as it looked right outta the garage…


After wiping the cobwebs (lol), Started off with stripping… (not me stripping… – the wood, silly)


So that went pretty well, not perfect…  But got most of it stripped down, just some spots here and there.


Okay, that was fun, didn’t really take too, too long…there were some stubborn spots, but i figured as long as got the majority, I’d be okay…  So – on to sanding…I wore a mask, but still think i inhaled a bunch of sawdust…… 🙁

There are doors to it, also, they slide.  I started sanding the top parts, and saw how kewl the two-tone looked, so I kept it instead of sanding that off also….

So now sanding done, let the wipedown begin….


Bring it in to the spare room, coz it’s going to start raining and getting cold, so I can do the rest inside.  Here I am ready and prepped to start staining…

So, we did 3 nice thin coats, the stain i got was a Stain & Poly, all-in-one, so the 3rd coat gave it the perfect look.


Dry for 36 hours and we’re ready to re-install the backer and set it all up in the BR.  All went well, and here are the final pix of it all set up.

I also made a couple posters – one of my bike and one fun collage from my Off-Road driving trip…  Tossed them up on the walls…


Here it is without the head light… plus seeing the  sliding doors….

Here also is a pic of my poster  😀


So that is my Refinishing project, and re-vamping of my BR…  A little collage:

That  was a real blast to do!


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