Loving Tribute…

Loving Tribute…

Since Moving to California in April this year, I am starting to play with my Jeep way much more.  I did my first off-roading adventures with it, and now I’ve got the doors permanently off along with the windows.  Having more fun in it, I am starting to customize it a bit more.  I ordered a bikini top for it, I polished the fenders up to restore the black, some other little things in the works.  So, having the urge to paint, I couldn’t resist the Blank Canvas of the passenger dash on the Jeep.  I had come across this most awesome saying, and had intentions of embroidering it onto a Tee, but then the thought hit me to paint it onto the Wrangler dash.  And with one of my favorite shots of my Doggy Tanner.  You see, Tanner was quite a wild child, and in all the 13 years together, i don’t think i let him off the leash but a half a dozen times… now that’s not to say he didn’t get off the leash on his own!!!  HA HA….  But he’d be off onto an adventure, and his ears would go deaf to me calling.  lol…  Once he crossed Bloomfield Avenue in Newark, NJ.. Now that is a nuthouse road with 3 lanes on each side! Talk about giving me a heart attack!  Okay so with that little background, this photo is treasured coz he was off the leash and didn’t zoom away from me…. 😀  and we didn’t live near the beach so, it was a unique background for a pic for him…


So here’s the pic I have framed, and then my new Wrangler dash painting….



I love it.

Here’s the step-by-step…


Much Fun!



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