Fury Forum Patch Collection

Fury Forum Patch Collection

****ATTENTION: I am not making patches in 2018 or 2019….****  Thank you!

Known originally as JDol on the forum Fury Forum I got into making bazillions of patches for everyone.  I’ve made completely custom ones, as well as making Forum Favorites – meaning the Adopted Forum Artwork and “logo”…  I’ve made country and state specific FURY NATION patches.  I’ve made memorial patches, name tags, pet patches, and some award ones.  I love art, photography, and embroidery — anything creative. anyway, here’s a collection of works over the years….

This is my riding vest, currently.  The most recent addition is the cancer ribbon supporting my brother Night Fury in his fight to beat throat cancer.



    1. Hi Brian! I made custom patches that I personally designed, digitized and stitched with my equipment, so i only made them when someone ordered them….i do not have any kind of supply or anything…. if you are on the Facebook Group for Fury Nation, there should be patches floating around, and sometimes folks get together and make orders with a commercial patch maker. There’s also a fella on EBay who sells some hes in Poland, but used to ship quick and nice quality, reasonable prices…. i had him stitch out sometimes for me when folks wanted larger orders . Hope that all helps! Keep the shiny side up and enjoy the season!

  1. Norma Reeves

    Your work is beautiful. My husband’s and I both own 2010 Honda Furies that we’ve added bagger kits and fairings to. Gorgeous paint jobs. Love our Furies and I would love to purchase a Fury Nation patch, particularly the Texas version. Do you sell now or know of anywhere u could purchase a patch? Thanks in advance for your help.

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