Video Short Stories for Rescues

Video Short Stories for Rescues

So…. :0) another launch happening for  I am creating Video Short Stories of transports.  I just made the first two pilots ones last weekend, and the response was overwhelmingly pawsitive 😉

Here is one I did for LRT Video Short  (LibertyRideTransport)

And here is one I did for RT USA Video Short  (RescueTransportUSA)

I plan to do more this weekend. So this idea will be that these video stories can hopefully make it to the adopters as a fun memoir of how their new furbaby was saved and brought to them!  Not to mention fun for the drivers, the rescues, and Doobert!  Hopefully there can be a video story repository somewhere on Doobert.  When i presented a finished pilot video to Chris, (Chris Roy – founder of he expressed how it was what he envisioned all those years ago!  he was so happy to see this coming to fruition!

This will be a great thing for when some folks are not able to drive, or runs are already filled, these video shorts are a compilation of the photos that the drivers uploaded.  People can sign up to do these photo montages for virtually any run!  Can you imagine the day that every transport is captured into a video short story?

Matter of fact we have our VERY FIRST “formal” request!.  Rusty @ LibertyRideTransport has a run for Special Needs English Bulldogs at the end of September and beginning of October. She requested to have photographers cover some hand-offs, and of course I will be standing by to create a video story of the events.

More to follow!  I will post up new videos soon, and keep you in the loop for the planning for capture of the Special Needs English Bulls


Cheers All!


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