Go..went. More “Rascal” Practice!

Go..went. More “Rascal” Practice!

More flight time today.  I wanted to practice some of the auto Shot Paths that GoPro built into the KARMA.  Namely: the “Orbit” and the “Dronie”.  I can do better, but at least I practiced these two.  The “Dronie” practice subject wasn’t the best, but i got to see what it does, and next time can orchestrate a bit better on settings and subject!  I can’t wait to do a Trail path, where it will follow a subject that I lock in on, like say me driving the Jeep, or a boat in the water…  Lots more to explore!  Rascal can fly at 35 mph. WOW!

So as I posted on my Photo Club’s FB Group, I headed out to the Blue Ridge Parkway.  I wanted some mountain scapes and some new views for testing, and since it was Sunday (and not work weekday) I was able to drive further.  I’ll continue lake practices during the week when I have less travel time available.

So, I arrive, pick a spot, turn stuff on, and KARMA proceeds to inform me I’m in a restricted zone!  OOOPS!  I even knew that, too, from my reading up on things, but totally forgot: No Drones in National Parks.  LOL.  My Bad.  The KARMA gives you the option to override this piece, say if you got special permissions for shooting, etc., which was not the case for me, but the feature is there.  KARMA will also tell you if you are within the 5-mile restrictions of Airport proximity.  Read up on Restricted Drone Zones Here.  Also visit the AMA for model aeronautics flying information.  I have so much to still read!  I want to be diligent, because I know the more popular these may become, the more potential for people who don’t care to read up on things will eventually ruin it for the avid hobbyist.  I don’t want to contribute to that!  There are different considerations for Commercial Pilots vs. Hobbyists (recreational users) as well.

So we proceed back to town to re-group our thoughts process.  We decided to try the VDOT Worker’s Memorial on Route 64E.  I am now trusting that KARMA will tell me if I err on location choice, but I am still nervous, because of that side of me that doesn’t want to draw attention, especially negative attention, and I already felt bad that I didn’t do my due diligence in scouting out shooting spots to begin with for this practice day.

I notice a young couple (20’s ish) had a drone there, their’s was a Mavic Air (DJI), so that boosted my confidence to get out and practice with Rascal.  Here is my test of the “Orbit” auto shot path.  I want to go test it again, and shoot from a lower angle, so when it sweeps, it picks up the Blue Ridge Mountains on the horizon opposite the highway.  (my bad)  but that’s how we learn, ya!.  My personality isn’t always prone (unless I force myself) to learn in baby steps.  Such as: Learn to fly first, then worry about pix and filming.  Nope, I gotta do it all from the start!  I like to get a taste of it all and then focus on areas to expand.  One thing I totally loved about this capture though, was the honor the gentleman in the red shirt gave The Wall, when he removed his cap.  I gasped when I saw that, and my eyes teared up a bit.

Enjoy this clip:  “Orbit” Practice Shot Clip!




Plus I had my DSLR, so I grabbed this early in the day from the Parkway:


And we cannot forgot my Partner in crimes…  My Dearest Co-Pilot: Soulireon. (Souli)

Souli on BRP CoPilot

My dear comrade from UK (Al) reminded me I need to get my Pilot’s logbook!  So I ordered these two books from Amazon.


Pilot Logbook

Cheers all til next time!


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