Happy Trails!

Happy Trails!

Quick Blog post on my first ever attempt at shooting star trails!  I’m thrilled with the result!  These are off my back deck.  I had about a 2 hours window before the moon rise.  One image is: f4, ISO 400, 14mm focal length (Prime) @ 1076 seconds the other is same settings but @ 1736 seconds.  Both shot in RAW.  Basically a 15 minute exposure and a 25-30 minute exposure.  (I’m too tired to do the math…  LOL)  noise reduction in-camera. Which btw took a loooooooong time on each! haha.  Needless to say this methodology burns up batts quick!  My 3rd attempt was for naught, coz the battery died in the middle of the exposure. Oh well…  another night we will get back at it.  the 3rd attempt was with some light painting to fill in some of the leaves on the trees. Just to see the effects.

There is another technique photographers use which is to take time lapse images and stack them in post production — check out these two uber kewl chicks’ style!  Extraordinary!

I will do more of these, and truth be told I totally was fortunate that the angle I chose was North on Polaris.  That was not planned, it was only discovered when i had the time to explore my Sky Safari App and figure out that the angle I chose was indeed the angle I wanted.  HAHAHA – not to say that you always use the northern star, but I did indeed want that to be my first attempt, because that give the most concentric trails.

Forgive me for brevity I’m beyond tired!

DSC_2248 siStar Trails 1st Ever - Less Blue _Lighter

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