Latest Video Photo-Story (rescues)

Latest Video Photo-Story (rescues)

Well, as some of you may know I’ve been spending some extra energy on helping launch a couple of photo components with Chris Roy & Rachael at is an online tool that connects Rescues & Shelters with all sorts  of volunteers nation wide. Volunteer Pilots, Volunteer Relay Transport Drivers, Volunteer Fosters, Social Media Volunteers, Bloggers, and yes! Doobert also has over 1100 Volunteer Photographer profiles from across the nation.  It has always been a dream of Chris’s (owner, founder) to engage the photographers during the relay transports, to help capture a photo-story of how these animals are rescued, loved, transported to either fosters, adopters, toIMG_4359

other rescues, etc!  I often find folks are amazed that these relay transports exist! I love chatting about it and helping spread the word.  I made custom magnetic signs for my Jeep, that often will spark a conversation about it.

So, we recently started launching this effort of Hand-Off Captures, and had a full blown beta test over two weekends: Sept 29-30 & Oct 6-7 (2018) via a special request from Rusty Miller at Liberty Ride Transport.  You may have seen some of my other posts about it.  Well this post I want to share our premiere edited Video Photo-Story of 1 of those transports.  It is a transport of “Deuce”, who is a special needs English Bulldog pup, who has SpinaBifida which, among other things, most visibly causes incontinence, so he will be diapered during his lifetime.  Deuce was rescude form impending euthanasia by Opie’s Special Needs Bulldog Rescue.

Please join us in one of the premier launches of this Video Photo-Story.  I am working with Chris’s team and other volunteers to get a basic template/format, so that on the outer months as this begins launching site-wide in 2019, there will be a consistency to the videos and lots of other volunteers can begin creating these for other runs.  To tell you the initial feedback has been overwhelmingly positive (especially from the drivers on the relays) is an understatement.

Here is Deuce’s Transport Video Photo-Story:  Deuce’s Transport Video Photo-Story



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