Photo Expedition: Covered Bridge

Photo Expedition: Covered Bridge

BlueJ Imagery Photo Expedition to Humpback Bridge in Covington Virginia, USA on November 3, 2018.


“Matisse” my drone took a bit of a bruising as it (ever so gently) crashed into the bridge railing as I was fiddling with a weird shot—I was trying to tilt the camera but used the wrong control and zigged instead of zagged, breaking all 4 propellers.. LOL He’s all mended up now though. I’m still learning! as I look at clips from this expedition, I keep kicking myself at how much cinema opportunities I had – like flying over the bridge, under the bridge, along the river a bit and so forth, BUT it’s intimidating as there are so many trees and wires, and I’m so new to flying this I’m still taking baby steps… and even with that much care I still managed a crash into the railing hahaha. Oh Well…. Hopefully Matisse will survive this learning curve. (as my dear friend Allan knows – there’s a little rascal somewhere – yes Al?! haha)

This covered bridge also boasts a LOVEwork installation.

The still images will all be for sale in my SmugMug Galleries, or through my home studio in Central VA. Photo Gifts, Matted prints, Framed Prints.

Photo collection from this expedition:

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