RIP My Beloved Dragon

RIP My Beloved Dragon

Well, it’s been a tough few weeks here remaining ‘focused’ in my studio as my best friend passed away over the Thanksgiving holiday.


I held my own personal funeral for him on December 5, 2018, at 12 noon, and performed a cremation ceremony on my wood stove.  I recovered ashes and some bone fragments and placed them in a carefully selected urn, and laid him to rest in my bay window, where he spent many hours watching squirrels and passersby.

I will be making one of my video treasure stories once I am able to collect and narrow down my most favourite photos of him — there are oodles! to go through.  He was an amazing companion and he even went on a week and a half long travel adventure with me driving to Florida and the Smokey Mountains, Tennessee!   What an amazing co-pilot!.  He garnered love everywhere we went and folks thought he was the greatest little guy.  We lovingly toyed with our friend Joe in FL quite often, who is plagued with iguanas in his neighborhood.  But Joe loved Souli deep down, I know….. :0)  I met a lovely young couple Vicky and Brennon since as Souli grew into larger habitats, we sold off some of his older vivs and decor.  Vicky and Brennon have two Beardies currently…and rescued one, nursed him/her back to health and re-homed her/him to a loving family.

It’ll be a quiet Christmas here without my buddy — yes I still turn and talk/confer with him on occasion, til I realise he’s not there to give me a look or strike one of his many famous poses!

All is well, though. even though our time together may have been shorter than I would have liked, we had amazing times and cuddles.  There are a bazillion pix I could share with you, but here’s just a few.


SleepingDragonSouli on BRP CoPilotSouli25660226_182662279136482_4183178878221353364_n



Well, busy day ahead, lots of Blogging to catch up on.  RIP my beloved dragon…




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