Little Lake Sunset Video


It was 70+ degrees F today here at the lake (Feb 5th) so practiced flight maneuvers at lunchtime and practiced filming sunset at, well.. sunset-time.  Quick edit, still searching for my “go-To edit program but my favorite over the years has been Wondershare/Filmora.  super user-friendly interface.

I’ve tried the GoPro one, don’t like, Tried VideoPad, and liked it but like Filmora better, and a flying buddy recommended one I’ll have to get the name of it and give it a look.  Course I always use PhotoStage for my Video Photo Stories that i do for the animal rescue transports.



My Feb ’19 Doobert BlogPost

Okay here’s this month’s Volunteer Photographer’s Blog post on Doobert :0)




Dog Paintings Collection

My current Dog Paintings Collection.  Order Tees, Mugs, Prints, Mouse Pads, Posters, Blankets, Notebooks; you name it, I can order it.  Some of these Canvas Originals are still in my studio and available for sale! Sizes 8×10, 11×14, 16×20.

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Wolf Moon Lunar Eclipse 2019

Well, I was so excited to have the opportunity this year to make an attempt at the Lunar Eclipse!  So days leading up to the event, as with every other photographer or Astral Enthusiast, hoping for clear Jan skies.  The whole event was to last approx 4 hours.  I’m in Central Virginia, so the start was around 22:30 Sunday night til about 02:30 Monday morning, with the peak of the eclipse (and ‘Blood Moon’) starting at 00:12 Monday.

EXCERPT FROM SPACE.COM: The Jan. 20-21, 2019 total lunar eclipse will last 1 hour and 2 minutes, according to NASA’s Goddard Space Flight Center lunar eclipse projections

The full experience, from the start of the partial eclipse to the end, will last 3 hours and 17 minutes. 

The peak of the total lunar eclipse will happen shortly after day’s end on Sunday, Jan. 20, on the U.S. east coast, at 12:16 a.m. EST (0516 GMT) on Monday, Jan. 21. This peak is also known as the “greatest eclipse” and is defined as the moment when the moon comes closest to the axis of Earth’s shadow.

So, while my image may not be unique by any true sense, as a photographer it really is kewl to know that ‘hey; yes I actually captured this.’  I’ve been stretching my skills a lot over the past two years since moving to Central Virginia and starting a photography club.  It’s quite humorous to me at times that the most involved/interactive member of the club is actually in Kent, United Kingdom!  He participates in almost every single event I post – and yes–that included the Eclipse Event.  Yes he was up at 04:00 or 05:00 (UK time) with his iPhone, cheering on the eclipse and me!  lol.

So, as 20:00 approached I began to try some test shots, but the skies were hazy and moist, so I was feeling concerned as to whether I was going to have good crisp results (the prelim shots were not optimal) but wouldn’t you know as the hours approached, the atmosphere cleared!

My methodology to capture this was right off my back deck, on a tripod.  Of course the initial shots were handheld.  Shot in RAW+f, Camera set to M (Manual) other settings to start were ISO 200, 1/125 sec, F20.  I maintained the ISO 200, throughout, I used my 55-300 Zoom lens set at 300mm, once focused in, I switched off the Auto Focus.  I’d heard that some folks tape the focus ring at that point, so as not to knock it out, but I didn’t do that.  (Mind you it was 16* F not very tape conducive weather).  Once the moon was in the height of the eclipse, my exposures were at f11 and 1 second and 2.5 seconds.

At one point I switched my lens to my 14mm prime to just capture the whole entirety of the clear sky, knowing the moon would be but a small dot, BUT, I was able to then use that image as a background for my final art renderings below.  I also time-marked the moon in that capture, so you can see how the 14mm prime lens is great for stars, but not for this moon… so tiny!  normally at a full moon, one wouldn’t necessarily be shooting stars, but at the peak of the eclipse, the moon is not bright, ya? 🙂

The ambiance at Artsy’s Atelier?  Hot cocoa, ice teas, snacks, wood stove blazing, CD’s blasting (with my new Sony soundbar) TobyMac, Chris Tomlin, Katy Perry, Adele, and then at the end Frank Sinatra… I tell ya, it felt like my own private NYE party going on! Don’t tell anyone but I was dancing around my living room – haha  (Shhh!– that’s just between you and me ;))

Club Member Allan engaged with me on messenger, I got a message from Will, and I later learned Sarah was watching the eclipse as well.

I finally couldn’t keep my eyes open much more come 02:00, and shut everything down, crashed.  Slept in til about 09:00 Monday (had scheduled the day off from work), then even proceeded to fall asleep while editing pix that afternoon around 16:00.  Woke up at 20:00 and finished the edits, now posting this.

I’m thrilled that I was able to capture this, what an amazing experience.  For me though, it was the post production and art element of creating my final image below, that really made this a truly memorable event.  Hope you enjoy my resultant creation.  The images below are the low-res versions, so they load faster on your media.

Blessings and Snaps,


0lr-wolf moon eclipse full size
Low Res Version of a full frame design
0lr-wolf moon eclipse pano
Low Res Version in panorama formatting that I intend to have printed and mounted for wall art.

New Item: 2019 Calendars

BlueJ Imagery & Art – new item!  Custom Calendars – Pick 12 of my Fine Art Images from my current catalog (always being updated, too!)–OR email me 12 of your favorites, and I will touch them up a bit, and install for you!

Shipping is $7 or local pick-up (free)

RealEstate Photos – Basic Stills Package (Residential)

Includes Minimum 15 photo stills. Interior/Exterior mix. Delivered digitally. 30-mile radius of 23117 included. Outside of area will be additional mileage charge (roughly $3/25 miles) Add the Virtual Tour package or Aerial Tour package so home buyers can really see the property/area. This is a must-have when selling homes on large lands





Doxie Dash: Up 81

Well, Saturday was my 2nd transport of the year.  This was a “Doxie Dash” a friendly term for runs of dachsunds… lol.  We had 2 seniors Angel (the blonde) and Dash (the almost Australian Sheppard colored one), plus Rolo hitched a ride also!  Rolo just had a procedure, plus he was a bit scared, so in order to help keep him comfortable and safe, he was in in a carrier for the duration of the relay.  We were asked not to take him out of the carrier.  It was a single day 8-leg transport, and I felt bad for the little fella, but he slept all the while that the car was moving.

As for Angel and Dash, they are inseparable more senior aged dogs that were an owner surrender, they were pudgie little buggers, and Angel had some sutures on her paw and backside. 😦   When they arrived to me Dash’s harness was around his butt practically, so since I carry extra harnesses, leashes and slip leads ALWAYS in my transport kit, Transporter Ed and I worked to get the new sets of harnesses and leads onto Angel and Dash.  Only Dash needed it but since they were a “pair” and since I had two sets, they were both sent forward with brand new beautiful red outfits. :0)  Ed was the awesome Retired Military in the blue sweatshirt with the two by the red Fire Hydrant 🙂

Anyway, they made it safely from Dee all the way to Janet on Saturday.  The transport org was my gal Rusty at Liberty Ride Transport – Happy Tails.  The rescuing org was Almost Home Dachsund Rescue Org  and of course our esteemed connecting org was yet again

Enjoy the photos; they are more limited than usual due to refitting the harnesses in such cold weather, But did the best I could.

Ed was excited to order a set of the car door magnets also – You can find those here on my VOLUNTEER BLING page – all sorts of colors available to coordinate to your vehicle.  I don’t mark those up for volunteers, coz face it we’re all in this together! and I’m just ecstatic that my art can bless others who give so much of themselves in volunteer work.

Enjoy the photos!


My January Doobert BlogPost!

Hello!  Well my January Doobert-site Blogpost published on the 7th please check it out, like it, and dance a little diddy while you’re at it. :0)

Click the link here:  My January BlogPost

As always — thank you all for your continued support.

Artsy Kelley

Happy New Year!

Welcome to 2019!  I am looking forward to another extremely blessed year filled with opportunities to share my art in different ways!

  • I continue to pursue Animal Rescue Photography ideas with (and for)! Latest is a little video snip promoting the Hand-Off Captures for the Rescue Transports.  View the video ‘commercial’ here–> What is a “Hand-Off Capture”?



  • I’d like to really get the fund raising ideas off the ground this year If I can.  Both the 50/50 Treasure Hunts, and the Commissioned Art Paintings.
  • I’m rounding up a second batch of my photography art to donate to Christ Church Thrift in Spotsylvania, VA.  I need to stop by and take a look at how the first batch is working out for them which I dropped off before Christmas — I’m hoping the art was able to bless people as well as the church for Christmas :0)
  • Also hoping to earn a little travel spend with my art as well! LOL  I’m heading to Europe in the Spring, so a bit o’green is welcome!  Stonehenge/London, Barcelona and Goreme, Turkey are on the top of the list. Oh yeah and see my Brit Biker Boyzzzz….  (LOL)  Invicta, Hammy, Wigoh and their lovely leading ladies! Maybe even AoV! huh?  (The leading lady hisself!!!)  Pic from 2017 visit:

FPOTM May Entryorton

  • Photo adventures abound; my list is growing of places to go grab astounding imagery (right here in VA).  Want to boost up my horse collection, practice more panning skills at a racetrack (cars/bikes), and lots more practice with “Matisse” my s-UAS. (drone.)
  • Jeep adventures also I hope to do this year with Will aka “WB” my Jeep Buddy/Photo Buddy.  That group has a talented young photographer also, so i’m hoping to pick up new tips and tricks from his talents!
  • Hoping to learn some mad night/skyline photo skills also – WB has some astounding images of Brooklyn, so maybe a NYC run or two will be in my future.

Bless you all for supporting me and my art in 2018.

I hope I have blessed each and every one of you in some kind of way last year, as you have blessed me, and look forward friends old and new in 2019!

Be sure to visit my new BlueJ Imagery FB Page!  Follow it and like it, Please!

Cheers and Love!





New Lake Anna Winter Video & Pix


I was able to grab a little aerial footage of Lake Anna after a recent snow storm.  It was the following morning at sunrise/dawn.


VIEW THE VIDEO–>  WindWood Coves Wintry Aerial Video

Here are a few Winter Images from the Lake also!  They are available for purchase as well. I’m personally using some as my Christmas Cards this year! :0)

Note: SlideShow images are low resolution copies – Helps me fit more on the site and load lots faster!

Images ©2018, JJ Kelley, BlueJ Imagery & Art

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Fine Art Sales and Blogs from JJ Kelley - Artist/Photographer

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Fine Art Sales and Blogs from JJ Kelley - Artist/Photographer