Latest Video Photo-Story (rescues)

Well, as some of you may know I’ve been spending some extra energy on helping launch a couple of photo components with Chris Roy & Rachael at is an online tool that connects Rescues & Shelters with all sorts  of volunteers nation wide. Volunteer Pilots, Volunteer Relay Transport Drivers, Volunteer Fosters, Social Media Volunteers, Bloggers, and yes! Doobert also has over 1100 Volunteer Photographer profiles from across the nation.  It has always been a dream of Chris’s (owner, founder) to engage the photographers during the relay transports, to help capture a photo-story of how these animals are rescued, loved, transported to either fosters, adopters, toIMG_4359

other rescues, etc!  I often find folks are amazed that these relay transports exist! I love chatting about it and helping spread the word.  I made custom magnetic signs for my Jeep, that often will spark a conversation about it.

So, we recently started launching this effort of Hand-Off Captures, and had a full blown beta test over two weekends: Sept 29-30 & Oct 6-7 (2018) via a special request from Rusty Miller at Liberty Ride Transport.  You may have seen some of my other posts about it.  Well this post I want to share our premiere edited Video Photo-Story of 1 of those transports.  It is a transport of “Deuce”, who is a special needs English Bulldog pup, who has SpinaBifida which, among other things, most visibly causes incontinence, so he will be diapered during his lifetime.  Deuce was rescude form impending euthanasia by Opie’s Special Needs Bulldog Rescue.

Please join us in one of the premier launches of this Video Photo-Story.  I am working with Chris’s team and other volunteers to get a basic template/format, so that on the outer months as this begins launching site-wide in 2019, there will be a consistency to the videos and lots of other volunteers can begin creating these for other runs.  To tell you the initial feedback has been overwhelmingly positive (especially from the drivers on the relays) is an understatement.

Here is Deuce’s Transport Video Photo-Story:  Deuce’s Transport Video Photo-Story



Gotta Love Saving Pets……………………………

Keep Calm and Rescue Love.




My October Doobert Blogpost

Hey there! a while ago Chris and Rachael at invited me to contribute on a regular schedule blog post, and I gratefully agreed to post 1ce a month to publish the 1st Monday every month!  So here is my October Post!  Past posts can be found by searching under categories in the margin.

Thanks to Chris & Rachael for all you do!

JJ’s October BlogPost on Doobert

Happy Trails!

Quick Blog post on my first ever attempt at shooting star trails!  I’m thrilled with the result!  These are off my back deck.  I had about a 2 hours window before the moon rise.  One image is: f4, ISO 400, 14mm focal length (Prime) @ 1076 seconds the other is same settings but @ 1736 seconds.  Both shot in RAW.  Basically a 15 minute exposure and a 25-30 minute exposure.  (I’m too tired to do the math…  LOL)  noise reduction in-camera. Which btw took a loooooooong time on each! haha.  Needless to say this methodology burns up batts quick!  My 3rd attempt was for naught, coz the battery died in the middle of the exposure. Oh well…  another night we will get back at it.  the 3rd attempt was with some light painting to fill in some of the leaves on the trees. Just to see the effects.

There is another technique photographers use which is to take time lapse images and stack them in post production — check out these two uber kewl chicks’ style!  Extraordinary!

I will do more of these, and truth be told I totally was fortunate that the angle I chose was North on Polaris.  That was not planned, it was only discovered when i had the time to explore my Sky Safari App and figure out that the angle I chose was indeed the angle I wanted.  HAHAHA – not to say that you always use the northern star, but I did indeed want that to be my first attempt, because that give the most concentric trails.

Forgive me for brevity I’m beyond tired!

DSC_2248 siStar Trails 1st Ever - Less Blue _Lighter

Go..went. More “Rascal” Practice!

More flight time today.  I wanted to practice some of the auto Shot Paths that GoPro built into the KARMA.  Namely: the “Orbit” and the “Dronie”.  I can do better, but at least I practiced these two.  The “Dronie” practice subject wasn’t the best, but i got to see what it does, and next time can orchestrate a bit better on settings and subject!  I can’t wait to do a Trail path, where it will follow a subject that I lock in on, like say me driving the Jeep, or a boat in the water…  Lots more to explore!  Rascal can fly at 35 mph. WOW!

So as I posted on my Photo Club’s FB Group, I headed out to the Blue Ridge Parkway.  I wanted some mountain scapes and some new views for testing, and since it was Sunday (and not work weekday) I was able to drive further.  I’ll continue lake practices during the week when I have less travel time available.

So, I arrive, pick a spot, turn stuff on, and KARMA proceeds to inform me I’m in a restricted zone!  OOOPS!  I even knew that, too, from my reading up on things, but totally forgot: No Drones in National Parks.  LOL.  My Bad.  The KARMA gives you the option to override this piece, say if you got special permissions for shooting, etc., which was not the case for me, but the feature is there.  KARMA will also tell you if you are within the 5-mile restrictions of Airport proximity.  Read up on Restricted Drone Zones Here.  Also visit the AMA for model aeronautics flying information.  I have so much to still read!  I want to be diligent, because I know the more popular these may become, the more potential for people who don’t care to read up on things will eventually ruin it for the avid hobbyist.  I don’t want to contribute to that!  There are different considerations for Commercial Pilots vs. Hobbyists (recreational users) as well.

So we proceed back to town to re-group our thoughts process.  We decided to try the VDOT Worker’s Memorial on Route 64E.  I am now trusting that KARMA will tell me if I err on location choice, but I am still nervous, because of that side of me that doesn’t want to draw attention, especially negative attention, and I already felt bad that I didn’t do my due diligence in scouting out shooting spots to begin with for this practice day.

I notice a young couple (20’s ish) had a drone there, their’s was a Mavic Air (DJI), so that boosted my confidence to get out and practice with Rascal.  Here is my test of the “Orbit” auto shot path.  I want to go test it again, and shoot from a lower angle, so when it sweeps, it picks up the Blue Ridge Mountains on the horizon opposite the highway.  (my bad)  but that’s how we learn, ya!.  My personality isn’t always prone (unless I force myself) to learn in baby steps.  Such as: Learn to fly first, then worry about pix and filming.  Nope, I gotta do it all from the start!  I like to get a taste of it all and then focus on areas to expand.  One thing I totally loved about this capture though, was the honor the gentleman in the red shirt gave The Wall, when he removed his cap.  I gasped when I saw that, and my eyes teared up a bit.

Enjoy this clip:  “Orbit” Practice Shot Clip!




Plus I had my DSLR, so I grabbed this early in the day from the Parkway:


And we cannot forgot my Partner in crimes…  My Dearest Co-Pilot: Soulireon. (Souli)

Souli on BRP CoPilot

My dear comrade from UK (Al) reminded me I need to get my Pilot’s logbook!  So I ordered these two books from Amazon.


Pilot Logbook

Cheers all til next time!


Rascal Takes to Lake Flight!

Well, Rascal and I have had 4 flights so far!  To say the GoPro KARMA Drone is exceptional is an understatement.  Of course this is coming from a NooB, so the more experienced pilots, photographers, and cinematographers out there may know what flaws or limitations the KARMA has that other drones may not.  But that said, I still offer that one needs to determine their goal usage for a drone, and find the one that best suits their own goals.  Mine being yes, cinematic, but primarily to enhance my collection of local Fine Art stills for sale, and “must have” the added versatility of use of the GoPro off the drone, made my choice a no brainer.  As for Model? Hero5 vs. Hero6?  Since I do plan to do some cinema, the Hero6 Black offers up the 4K setting at 60/fps (frames per second), where the Hero5’s capabilities at 4K top at 30/fps.  Now while I have uber tons more to learn on cinematography, I can liken this difference into DSLR terms, the 60/fps & 30/fps are kind of like JPG & RAW, lol.  Maybe not that dramatically, but in laymen’s terms an advantage is more versatility in slow-motion.  Thinking about it, if you have 60 frames vs only 30, you now have that many more to play with, and use how you see fit.  So the price point is pretty similar for such an added abundance of flexibility.

Here are a few images I’ve captured.  Still doing lots of practice….

Lake Anna, VA.  Slips / Beach at Windwood Coves.
Sample 1 to show you different height & camera tilt
Sample 2 for height / tilt and results achieved. – which pleases you more?


Lake Anna, VA near New Bridge on Rt 208.

SO…..  Now by reading the books I recommended in my Last Post (the ones by incredible photographer Jordan Hetrick,) I’m learning of GoPro KARMA’s auto shot paths feature!  These are little auto programme’s that GoPro built into the drone to make it possible to capture some more difficult shots without using the controller’s joysticks manually!  I have a long way to go on practicing completely manual skills, BUT have to try these out today.  Just the “Dronie” one is going to be fun; it will zoom out and return in a straight auto shot path of even up to 1000 feet!  Wowsers!  Then the “Orbit” one is one I was trying to do on my own, (unsuccessfully) so let’s see what GoPro gave me for automating that one!  (Orbit will circularly move around a 360 degree circle around the subject.)

I also had a request to give the estimate of recording time on the 64GB card I suggested in my Earlier Post.  Of course it will depend on resolution, right, but I’ll break it down in my next blog post.  That said, preliminary by looking at file sizes from what I downloaded so far,  and 8 minute Clip was 2GB.  So, doing the math, it seems maybe that a 1 minute clip at high res will cost you approximately 1/4 of a GB.  Now, what made the 8 minute clip 2GB?  I’m sure lighting / subject matter has to do with file sizes also, but just to give a general idea… Under the above math, you might get (64*4) or 280 Minutes, or (280/60) 4 hrs-ish of video per card?  Mind you, you will be shooting stills as well, which vary in size, and when shooting on 12mp linear, I had ranges from 5-8 MB per photo.

I will leave you with a link to a short sample video of Flight over the Lake.  Still a test clip, unedited.

Headed out for now… Cheers all!


Capt. JJ Kelley, UMA Pilot…

Well!  I brought home a GoPro Karma last weekend, and finally got to start test flying it!  It is beyond amazing.  I have some video clips but they are not edited yet, and needless to say, only tests because I need to learn to fly the Drone before concentrating on footage/photos!  LOL

I named him “Rascal” and badged him, since the first few days of ownership it was constant rain.


As my buddy Allan stated tonight, soon I will actually be Captain of “The Rascal” by flying in the cockpit (AKA the controller) and not be constantly looking from controller to drone, to controller, to see where the aircraft is, and make sure I’m not near obstacles…. LOL.

The image clarity on the Hero6 is astounding!  Its got the 4K technology, (and even at 60 fps!) but i’m still on 1080 at the moment.  I have everything so far on auto settings coz there’s too much to concentrate on flying for right now.  Hope to upload some edited clips soon for you all, so please stay tuned.

This evening


Out of the box, the KARMA is a breeze to set up, and understand.  I had purchased two outstanding manuals that I fully recommend.  Both by amazing photographer/author Jordan Hetrick  I have the “How to use the GoPro KARMA DRONE” and his “How to use the GoPro Hero 6 Black”

He is my kind of teacher! well written and laid out instructions, tutorials, explanations, tips.  You should absolutely invest in the paper or kindle editions; the value add is indescribable.


So, more testing to be done, practicing to be had as a pilot first, then I’ll look at his camera tips manual, and really hone my craft!

I got the drone not only for fun, but to bring a new element to my Fine Art Image Collection.

My decision on the KARMA as opposed to some other popular drones was so easy, due to the versatility to take the GoPro off the drone and use it in ways similar and beyond my GoPro Hero3 for years.  SO was there a trade off?  only slight for my purposes and a no brainer.  The KARMA batteries are approx 16-20 minutes, where, say the DJI for example has a model reaching 27 minutes.  and the KARMA has about a 3,200 foot range while some of the DJI’s may (i think ) go near 4,000 feet (this is range to controller), but those are both features I don’t necessarily need for my intentions.  In fact I hit a special at Best Buy that gave me an additional Battery for free, and I have the 400w inverter in my Jeep, so I can virtually go anywhere for any any amount of time and be completely set up for shooting all day long!

So, Logistically, one needs an adequate speed as well as capacity micro SD Card,  SDHC (Secure Digital High Capacity) is typical for photo stills, but the SDXC (Secure Digital eXtended Capacity) is imperative for video.  I recommend a minimum 64 GB capacity to be adequate for general purpose.

As for speed class, please get at least a V30 (this is a rating you need if shooting video – the “V”) there are I believe V6 (think turtle) up to V90 the Hare, but $$$!  You can generally get a SDXC V30 on sales prices around the $40-$60 US range.  Your stills SD Cards will NOT typically have the “V” rating they will be a plain number.  These numbers on both cards signify the processing capability at MB/sec.  Your 64GB SDXC V30 card should also have a 3 on it.

See these specs explanations: Micro SD Cards for video

Okay, I gotta run, but I will post some edited clips as soon as possible!


Cheers All,




Blue Ridge: Stars, Moon & Mars…

Stir Crazy tonight, jumped in Jeep with camera and headed to Blue Ridge Mountains.  Chatted with my great friend Sarah a bit as I headed out.  She gave me a tip for a location at the parkway; as I was just looking for simple, just to play a bit out of the house.

Mars is the smaller dot to the lower left under the Moon.

These are my two most favorite images.  Hope to print and add these to my stock images for sale.

Shot in RAW

BRP MoonMars 091918_Lighterf2.8, 25 sec, ISO 100, 14mm lens, 17:45 EDT

BRMtns MoonMars 091918_lighter

f2.8, 15 sec, ISO 800, 14mm lens, 22:09 EDT

My First Ever Podcast!

I had the distinct pleasure of being asked to participate in a podcast for ARPA/podcasts (Animal Rescue Professionals Association)  It aired today – feel free to visit the ARPA site there is SO MUCH incredible information on there.  Podcasts average 20-30 Minutes.  Take a listen while driving!

To launch directly to my podcast (featuring LKA Shooters FB Club) (#59) click here.

Thank you Chris, Thank you Rachael!  You guys are amazing!

Enjoy Folks!



Photos @ Relay Txport Hand-offs!

Well, the first ever testing of photos by a volunteer photographer at a hand off was executed August 26, 2018!  It was quite fun!  I learned stuff, too.  So here are two albums of photos I captured that weekend. Along with a short blog post written for on the experience.




Blog Post on Doobert

Video Story 5725

Video Story 5769


More to come!



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Fine Art Sales and Blogs from JJ Kelley - Artist/Photographer

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