Happy New Year!

Welcome to 2019!  I am looking forward to another extremely blessed year filled with opportunities to share my art in different ways!

  • I continue to pursue Animal Rescue Photography ideas with (and for) Doobert.com! Latest is a little video snip promoting the Hand-Off Captures for the Rescue Transports.  View the video ‘commercial’ here–> What is a “Hand-Off Capture”?



  • I’d like to really get the fund raising ideas off the ground this year If I can.  Both the 50/50 Treasure Hunts, and the Commissioned Art Paintings.
  • I’m rounding up a second batch of my photography art to donate to Christ Church Thrift in Spotsylvania, VA.  I need to stop by and take a look at how the first batch is working out for them which I dropped off before Christmas — I’m hoping the art was able to bless people as well as the church for Christmas :0)
  • Also hoping to earn a little travel spend with my art as well! LOL  I’m heading to Europe in the Spring, so a bit o’green is welcome!  Stonehenge/London, Barcelona and Goreme, Turkey are on the top of the list. Oh yeah and see my Brit Biker Boyzzzz….  (LOL)  Invicta, Hammy, Wigoh and their lovely leading ladies! Maybe even AoV! huh?  (The leading lady hisself!!!)  Pic from 2017 visit:

FPOTM May Entryorton

  • Photo adventures abound; my list is growing of places to go grab astounding imagery (right here in VA).  Want to boost up my horse collection, practice more panning skills at a racetrack (cars/bikes), and lots more practice with “Matisse” my s-UAS. (drone.)
  • Jeep adventures also I hope to do this year with Will aka “WB” my Jeep Buddy/Photo Buddy.  That group has a talented young photographer also, so i’m hoping to pick up new tips and tricks from his talents!
  • Hoping to learn some mad night/skyline photo skills also – WB has some astounding images of Brooklyn, so maybe a NYC run or two will be in my future.

Bless you all for supporting me and my art in 2018.

I hope I have blessed each and every one of you in some kind of way last year, as you have blessed me, and look forward friends old and new in 2019!

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Cheers and Love!





New Lake Anna Winter Video & Pix


I was able to grab a little aerial footage of Lake Anna after a recent snow storm.  It was the following morning at sunrise/dawn.


VIEW THE VIDEO–>  WindWood Coves Wintry Aerial Video

Here are a few Winter Images from the Lake also!  They are available for purchase as well. I’m personally using some as my Christmas Cards this year! :0)

Note: SlideShow images are low resolution copies – Helps me fit more on the site and load lots faster!

Images ©2018, JJ Kelley, BlueJ Imagery & Art

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My November Doobert Blog Installment

Still enjoying the honor of submitting Blogs monthly for Doobert.com!  Here is my November post:


JJ’s November Blog Post on Doobert.com



December Doobert Blog Installment

I was honored to be asked to contribute a monthly Blog posting on Doobert.com!  Here is my December posting.  Enjoy and Bless you all.

JJ’s December Blog on Doobert.com




RIP My Beloved Dragon

Well, it’s been a tough few weeks here remaining ‘focused’ in my studio as my best friend passed away over the Thanksgiving holiday.


I held my own personal funeral for him on December 5, 2018, at 12 noon, and performed a cremation ceremony on my wood stove.  I recovered ashes and some bone fragments and placed them in a carefully selected urn, and laid him to rest in my bay window, where he spent many hours watching squirrels and passersby.

I will be making one of my video treasure stories once I am able to collect and narrow down my most favourite photos of him — there are oodles! to go through.  He was an amazing companion and he even went on a week and a half long travel adventure with me driving to Florida and the Smokey Mountains, Tennessee!   What an amazing co-pilot!.  He garnered love everywhere we went and folks thought he was the greatest little guy.  We lovingly toyed with our friend Joe in FL quite often, who is plagued with iguanas in his neighborhood.  But Joe loved Souli deep down, I know….. :0)  I met a lovely young couple Vicky and Brennon since as Souli grew into larger habitats, we sold off some of his older vivs and decor.  Vicky and Brennon have two Beardies currently…and rescued one, nursed him/her back to health and re-homed her/him to a loving family.

It’ll be a quiet Christmas here without my buddy — yes I still turn and talk/confer with him on occasion, til I realise he’s not there to give me a look or strike one of his many famous poses!

All is well, though. even though our time together may have been shorter than I would have liked, we had amazing times and cuddles.  There are a bazillion pix I could share with you, but here’s just a few.


SleepingDragonSouli on BRP CoPilotSouli25660226_182662279136482_4183178878221353364_n



Well, busy day ahead, lots of Blogging to catch up on.  RIP my beloved dragon…




Photo Expedition: Covered Bridge

BlueJ Imagery Photo Expedition to Humpback Bridge in Covington Virginia, USA on November 3, 2018.


“Matisse” my drone took a bit of a bruising as it (ever so gently) crashed into the bridge railing as I was fiddling with a weird shot—I was trying to tilt the camera but used the wrong control and zigged instead of zagged, breaking all 4 propellers.. LOL He’s all mended up now though. I’m still learning! as I look at clips from this expedition, I keep kicking myself at how much cinema opportunities I had – like flying over the bridge, under the bridge, along the river a bit and so forth, BUT it’s intimidating as there are so many trees and wires, and I’m so new to flying this I’m still taking baby steps… and even with that much care I still managed a crash into the railing hahaha. Oh Well…. Hopefully Matisse will survive this learning curve. (as my dear friend Allan knows – there’s a little rascal somewhere – yes Al?! haha)

This covered bridge also boasts a LOVEwork installation.

The still images will all be for sale in my SmugMug Galleries, or through my home studio in Central VA. Photo Gifts, Matted prints, Framed Prints.

Photo collection from this expedition:

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On Consignment!

A Local Visitor Center has agreed to consign my Lake Anna Collections in their gift shop.  They will be displaying 4×6, 5×7 & 8×10 matted prints, note cards, calendars, and postcards.  View the image collections I am placing in their store:

Ground Stills:

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Aerial Stills:

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Video Photo Stories for Doobert!

Video Photo Story of DBT5936 (Deuce)

Video Photo Story of DBT5884 (Betty & Gracie)


Well, I’ve got a sort of format going now for these Video Photo Stories that I’m making for Doobert.com.  Chris and Rachael have been very supportive with feedback and tips.  I now use instrumental music from YouTube Library!  (Thanks Chris), and I’m making Collages to group photos together to keep the overall video about 3 minutes in length.  Those are all done in Photoshop prior to importing into the slideshow software. kind of grouping all into the legs, so the story flows a bit.  So, basically, the videos now will

  • Start with an intro slide telling the Animal names,
  • Have a little map of the travel route,
  • Have collages of driver’s pix grouped by legs (can be multiple legs in 1 slide),
  • Hopefully each transport will also have some live video of the animals to splice in to keep it interesting,
  • Then an intro slide about the Doobert Volunteer Photographers,
  • A slide of their professional photos,
  • Scrolling credits of all the drivers names, the rescuing orgs, the adopters, the transport org, the TC’s, the photographers, the editor,
  • And wrap it up with a “all brought to you by DOOBERT!”

Here are the last two videos specially requested by Rusty @ Liberty Ride Transport – Happy Tails.  It was a good test for engaging photo volunteers.  Chris is helping his developers script some sign-up functionality on the Doobert site for the photographers to be able to sign up similar to how drivers sign up.  Then we gotta roll-out the effort (It’s called “Hand-Off Captures”) and help the photographers understand how that piece works.  We are developing the guidelines now, and I see this probably rolling out in late Q1 of 2019.

Cheers All!

Jo Lynn


Me-n-Matisse and Sunrise at the Lake

Pretty exciting.  Chilly but gorgeous sunrise at the lake this morning.  Matisse enjoyed a run about over the coves, and we captured some art.  The local visitor center agreed to consign my art, so I will be getting them some prints and such over the next week or so.  I’m floored by these images. just a couple of my faves from this morning:

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Have a beautiful day!


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