The Blair Bitch Transport

The Blair Bitch Transport

blair-portbwJust look at this doll-baby! My second transport this past Saturday 10/29 – another transport requested by PRO – Pointer Rescue Org that reached me through!  If you missed my blog post about my first transport, see it here!

I was excited again when the Run Sheet was sent out a few days before.  It indicated that Blair was a 3YO female English Pointer, gets along with other dogs, un-spayed, and possibly coming back into heat, so we were to transport her alone.  She would be spayed in foster care and also treated for heartworm.  So this Rescued Beauty was going from Wagener, SC to Glens Falls, NY.  I was “Leg 7”.  She was going to her Foster Family. Fostering is another Volunteering Opportunity that you can sign up for on  ( is a ‘connections’ facilitating site that connects volunteers and rescues/shelters together.  When Rescues & Shelters look for volunteers for Animal Transports – (Pilots & Drivers), Fostering, Photography,behind the scenes techie type stuff, social media admins…  Check it out and see where you can help… ANYWAY…

So I got my Transport “Go-Bag” out, double checked it, and looked good – out of “poop bags” but plastic shopping bags abounded, so I was good to go.  I contacted the two other transporters on either side of my leg, to verify we were good to go on the meeting addresses.


So I was to meet Elizabeth at 4:30 pm.  It’s a bit over an hour to get to the meet spot, so i allowed myself 1:45 minutes to get there.  (very important due to possible traffic conditions)  And YES! i hit a back up, but it only put me back 15 minutes, so that was okay.  The Transport Monitor emails the team updates on the Animal(s) progress during the travel.  At the time that my leg was coming up, they were 15 minutes behind schedule.  but Elizabeth gained it all back, and when I left with Blair, we were all back on schedule.  It’s really no big deal in the grand scheme of things, coz all the volunteers up the line get notified as each transfer takes place, and can see  if significant delays build up, and adjust their own timing.  So I met Elizabeth, and we transferred Blair after a little walk.


We were headed north, and the leg after me, Jamie, contacted me and the Transport Monitor, as she was stuck in a ‘parking lot ‘ of traffic on I-95…I offered that if she couldn’t get down to the meet spot, I could continue north if needed.  but we kept in contact, and she wiggled her way around the traffic jam!  Good navigating there Jamie!


So, Blair and I had some extra time together – it was good for her i believe coz she refreshed herself completely and even had a bit of water!  She also seemed to liven up a bit walking around.  Pointers are really kewl to watch as they sniff around and look around, hearing probably even an ant lifting a tiny breadcrumb…lol…  Then we sat for a bit and Blair was climbing on my lap, I loved it.


Then Blair greeted Jamie with kisses! It was so awesome!


They rode off, literally, into the Sunset… LOL.  I cruised home so full of admiration of the teams and all the hands involved in the saving of just one more animal!  I’m a softy crybaby, so I tear up (tere, not tare) at all the love.

Of all the volunteering I’ve done over the years, and yes, every one was wonderful, but I have to admit, finding is the most perfect fit of all.  I have been able to participate in a focus group, and design art for some promotional materials. I have a Photographer profile and a Transporter profile there.  I think one thing i absolutely LOVE about is that it is very ‘self-paced’.  Other places I’ve volunteered at /with, I’ve sort of had like set days kind of thing – and maybe it’s my personality, but it’s a tough feel for me. With this, I have completed the designing at my own pace, and as for transporting, well, I get notices for all the ones near me, and I can pick and choose which ones to join.  That is the ultimate in flexibility!  There are other volunteers in my area, so if i don’t hop on the site near the time of the notice, sometimes the legs in my area get filled by others and that’s what’s even another great thing – that says there are a bunch of volunteers in my area.

So as I sign off tonight, I thank God for blessing me with this amazing opportunity that fits my lifestyle and my heart perfectly.

God Bless,






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