Hey, Buster! Meet the “Boss”

Hey, Buster! Meet the “Boss”

Well, I had my first overnight hosting through Doobert.com, for two rescues from Rescue Transport USA.  It was an English Bulldog, and a Siamese cat!  busterboss

Now, i’m very allergic to cats :(, but figured i’d try it anyway.  Baby Boss and Mr. Buster were awesome! although by the time i was heading home from the send off the next day, i was sneezing up a storm from dear Boss.  LOL..  oh well…. So i went to go meet the previous transporter around 6 pm down in Ashland (outside of Richmond)  The dearest Peg (MamaPeg) actually drove a little further north to meet me, as the meet was actually to be in Richmond, but since that was more of just over 2 hours from me, she helped shorten my trip.  She is the sweetest lady!  So precious!  I instantly saw how she got the moniker “Mama Peg”  If she isn’t the epitome of everyone’s favourite Grandma, i sure don’t know who is! So, I got to our meet @ Cracker Barrell, and i was early so went into Cracker Barrel for a slice of pie, but found they have the most absolute quaintest shoppe there, and $60 later (YES $60 :eek:) I was back in the lot, keeping eyes peeled for Mama Peg’s Bright Red van.I’m not sure I want to be meeting peeps at any more Cracker Barrels… I will go broke!  But in all fairness, $30 of the $60 was an adorable animated Christmas decoration.  I love playing Piano, so you can see why I was drawn to this one.


He plays several tunes, here a tiny clip of one: Snowman Jazzin it Up

So, Anyhoo, Mama Peg showed up with the precious cargo.  Buster was so full of life! and spot on adorable. More instant love… Little Boss was in a carrier, but my heart went out coz it was such a small carrier :(… and by this point his litter was all over, he practically had to sit in his make-shift litter box in there, yet with all the litter scattered about, not sure how he could use it.  Now, i know nothing about cats, but this seemed like a bummer to me.  But i loaded up the babies and off we went.  got back to my place and had to figure out how to get a dog a cat and some bags i had all into the house.  I didn’t know the animals, so didn’t necessarily want to leave them alone. If i took the cat in first, then boss would be alone int he Jeep.  For some reason i thought he would be worried if i took out everything but him.  These rescues can be fragile, and i still didn’t know Buster, or how easy going he was. Now, certainly Boss hanging in his carrier could stay in the Jeep while i brought in Buster, but then Buster is a lone in the house… again even less attractive than the first option.  So, well, all of us struggled in at the same time.  In think Boss had it the worst, coz his carrier was over my shoulder, like a carry bag.  He “meowed” the whole walk tot eh apartment.  funny part was i enter my apt through a courtyard so his meow’s were echoing.  I come to find out Siamese love to “talk” as it’s called, and Boss was definitely no exception.  Anyway, we all got in, Buster checked out the apartment and proceeded to poop on my living room floor.  LOL!!!! I’m grateful he was on a good kibble diet, and easily scooped up the poop.  So i made a litter box for dear Boss, let him out of that tiny dwelling, and he got use to the apartment also – under my couch.  Buster liked to play with cats , and while he was harmless, he’s like 20 times Boss’s size and very agile, so his quick play moves, had Boss scooting for safety.  I got food out for everyone and Boss was more shy than dear Buster, who kept right on my heels while i was getting his bowl ready and gobbled it all up happily.

img_6055He and i went for another long walk, and i found it mega amazing that he actually turned right down the correct walkway to my door, without me even directing him, and then knew my door.!  Wow, huh? Smart doggie.  Well we played a little and then settled in, Me and Buster spooned on the couch to sleep and when we settled down, little Boss Man, ate and used the litter box.

Cant say there was a ton of sleep, but got enough. Went for a long walk in the morning with Buster, he did all his business. Then we went back to find out where Boss’s new hiding place was – It was behind my tall vintage radio.


I gave him the cat toy i had bought for him, and he grabbed it and took it back to behind the radio. haha… I could hear the little bell jingling, knowing he was playing with it.  (Thanks @ Robyn Merganthaler for the tip on that 97 cent toy 🙂

Here’s the Boss: Boss Behind the Radio    Boss Playing:

so we hung out for a bit, and I made Buster a custom bandana. 🙂



Then we needed to start getting packed up.  now to get Boss… Hmmm….it took a bit to wiggle him outta there, coz 1: i don’t handle cats, and didn’t want to break him – LOL, and 2: he tucked himself under the antennae tuner piece, but after a bit, i got him out. I had already cleaned his carrier and refilled his somewhat goofy litter box in there. I was trying to do something better for him, but the carrier was so small, i really couldn’t find another option.  So this time I brought Buster out first to the Jeep then went back for Boss. Much less awkward of a load up than the night before.  So we were off.  I met the next transporter in Alexandria.  There is one turn that confuses me and this is the second time i went the wrong way!  Uggghh.  I have to go drive it one day so i can make sense why i made the same wrong turn twice now.  anyway, unlike me, this time it made me late.  My fellow transporters were kidding around and saying I fell in love & wanted to keep them as long as possible…. ‘er go the tardiness..  (we had a facebook group for the transport).  I think there were 15 legs in this transport.  GA to PA. Well dearest Rebecca took the greatest pic of me with Buster before she took off to MD.  I’m so grateful!  and then dear Rochelle got a great pic of the bandana, coz i forgot to take one before putting it on Buster.  So what fun the weekend was!

I have another overnight guest December 3rd – a Rottie name Jasmine.  Can’t wait!  that transport is with Liberty Ride Transport again through Doobert.com


I also wore the new T-Shirt I made:


The two cuties made it safe and sound to Effort, PA to their rescuer: Heather at Red Rock Rescue, Inc.

Loved to meet all of you on this transport!




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