Some Motorcycle Images

Here are some images I captured in the 2nd half of 2015 of my bike “BlueJ”

IMG_0484 (1)
Sunset by the lake at my favorite park
This was Private property and I played “Bad Girl” to get the shot before getting chased off the property, but i made a speedy getaway and shot out of the driveway back onto the road with just enough room into the flow of traffic that the truck “shoo-ing” me off the property couldn’t follow me out!  But well worth the effort, yes?
Special Shot For a Friend who likes Dark Red…
I Liked the orange on next to the blue….
More red for my Friend…..
BlueJFavTrain B&W
This is a local Train Station
Fury Driveway 082915_1
Different driveway, not private, and no “harrowing” escape…

BlueJ Covered Bridges Tour

Here are a few images from my covered bridge tour a few months ago.  The Black & White one won Picture of the Month on my motorcycle forum.

Roddy Creek Covered Bridge 2015-1114SnapShot Loy Covered Bridge 2015-1114Utica Mills Covered Bridge Colors 2015-1114

Some 2014 Art Painted Leather Garments

In 2014 I did a lot of Interpretive Art Painting on Leather Jackets, Vests, even a Skirt.  Here are some of my favorites.  I used professional leather paints. They were real easy to work with and I love the effect of painting on leather. As it turned out I couldn’t find the appropriate demographic for sales, but I enjoyed creating these…  I did sell a few on EBay, but most of these were just for samples.

All Work is copyrighted Art. © Jo Lynn, BlueJ Imagery & Art

FreedomVest HarleySkirt HarleyVest MonVallRidersCLUB Vest Nose Art RavensMotoJacketFront WolfJacketJacket 013Vest 014Jacket 013AArtTannerVestAArtTannerVestArtCatAArtCatSkeletonFlameCloseUpSkeletonFlameJacketSkullWingJacket copyTire Cover-Chopper copyVTX Jacket Back copyVTXFlameCloseUp

Shooting a Rodeo – July 4th 2015

Went to a Rodeo on July 4th  with a few folks from my photography club.  I’m still practicing on my Nikon Digital DSLR, learning settings and how to change them rapidly.  What settings to use for what effect I am trying to get.  This is my 2nd outing with the Club.  Fun peeps. Very helpful, too.  Well, there were lots of changing lighting conditions, which posed a big challenge, but gave me more practice.  Going to go to as many outings to practice as possible.  It was SO much fun!  Here are my favorite images.

4.4 Seconds All Smiles Almost There Barrel Riding 2 Barrel Riding 3 Barrell Riding 1 Can You Outrun Me Girl Power Lasso Good Start I Got This 2 I Got This I Qualified Jumpin' Jax Leapin Lizards Money Barrel PonyRides Sky's the Limit Starting My Descent The Mane Braids Yikes 1 YOU get in the cage now Barel Racing 4

Welcome to my Art Blog…

This will be a composite of my artistic endeavors.  I have a lot of catching up to do, since I’ve been going strong for about 3-4 years.  So things will be out of chronological order, of course, as I’m just going to toss pix up here as I get around to it.  I love to create art in many mediums.

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Fine Art Sales and Blogs from JJ Kelley - Artist/Photographer

Fine Art Sales and Blogs from JJ Kelley - Artist/Photographer

BlueJ Imagery & Art

Fine Art Sales and Blogs from JJ Kelley - Artist/Photographer