a Fun Video – Off Road

Here is the video that I made of my trip out to Vegas to VORE track on December 19, 2015

Edited with Filmora (Wondershare)


BlueJ VORE Video

Misc Embroidery

Few items here and there



A sample of Doggy Bandana
Cover is handmade and designed by me after I did the embroidery on the panels

Embroidered Hoodies

Just 3 of my latest this year… mostly the 2nd half of the year.  While the images are digitzed files from Embroidery resources on line, the layout, wording, etc., I do in my software and transfer it to the machine.  And of course, lest we forget the artists thread color choices 🙂


Jeep Seat Covers

Made these for my Jeep.  I embroidered the designs, and the driver’s side is my favorite Bible verse: Isaiah 40:31  I had found the exquisite bible fabric at fabric.com and couldn’t resist it.  I also covered my handmade console to match the seat covers.

I had made another set of seat covers for a dear friend, it, to had the Lion as the driver’s seat and a Lioness for the passenger, with the saying: Heart of Fierce Reverence to the King., which had double meaning of Godly reverence to the King of Kings as well as reverence to her flesh/man King.  Not sure they were ever used, but made them as a gift all the same 🙂  They are the Red/Black ones at the end.


Gift for my friend
Just shown as a sample in my Jeep.  He has a truck.
Ladie’s side…

Shoot the Races

Went with the Photography Club at the end of June to shoot the races, at a track in WV, to learn and practice panning.  Here are my favorite shots…


My All-time Favorite – The Chick on the Blue Bike 😉


2015 Christmas Party Event

Well you didn’t know i was an event planner also did you? Yupp.. So every year i do the Christmas Party at the satellite office I work out of.  (Although you can’t call it a Christmas Party, and now not even a party, and also now not even a celebration  OMG!!!!!!)  so it was our “Winter Social”  I’ve really had it with the politically correct crap – it’s really gotten out of hand.  So anyway… I do the CHRISTMAS party (lol) everything except the buffet/catered luncheon food.  I always come up with a game.  This year it was a 1-Hole Mini-Golf Course.  I conceived it, designed it, built it, tested it, then transported it to the office, set it all back up and had to re-test everything, coz with these guys at the office, you better make sure the “Hole-In-One” works and can be made!  lol.. So, anyway, pics are below.  Also a clip of a hole-in one.

The other thing I did this year was to make “Spoof Awards” for everyone on the team.  In my job function, I don’t really interact with the majority of the staff there, mostly just the Program Managers, so I engaged them to come up with the titles for everyone’s award.  The awards were like: “The Transporter” Award, for Agilely coordinating ‘All-the-Moves’ of assets from receiving to client delivery. Like that…  Everyone was celebrated for a highlight of their work ethic or skills they put forth throughout the year. The PM’s gave me the titles and I tweaked them so all were outstanding staff members.  Even the guy who just came on board got the “Starting Gate” Award, for joining the team, and hitting the ground running right out of the gate.  So I printed these all up, and framed them.  Then I made an 11×14 Framed poster with a list of everyone’s Award Titles, so the teams could see each other’s.

I also obviously came up with the theme – just a simple red-black-white this year.

Also customer engraved soup mugs, stuffed with some treats, and this year I personally made peppermint bark and Chocolate dipped Pretzel Logs (which were big hit!)

That about covers it, enjoy the photos and clip.

Video Clip: Hole-In-One


2016 Calendar VORE Off-Road

On December 19th I flew out to Vegas to go to VORE – Vegas Off-Road Experience, to drive Baja Racers on a dirt track in the desert.  Jumps and all… It was a real funny story how this trip all came about… It all started because I run the Christmas Party at my little satellite office each year, and this year was building a 1-hole mini-golf course.  I was out at target buying stuff to build my design, and came across a battery operated remote control Jeep that was too kewl – total Rubicon-esque, even mud splashed all on it and such.. Had to get it.. then I was playing with it, and made a few video clips and posted them on my motorcycle forum, and the guys were like – let’s see it do jumps and ramps and stuff.. so i built stuff for it, but being run on AA batts, it didn’t really have much power and the jumps were more like dumps, and the ramps had to be tamped down to a low angle.. so anyway – this guy whiskeytrail8 posts this super kewl photo of a 4×4 super-duty leaping through the air out of a cloud of sand in the desert and writes “This is what BlueJ THINKS she sees” – well… I really loved it and got into finding out how to do that kind of thing.  he told me of Baja Racing and gave me a link, but i wasn’t keen on going to Mexico 😦  so i kept searching around and found VORE, called them and got hooked up with a trip to Vegas!  So now I’m Flyuing out on a Friday Morning, playing in the dirt on Saturday and flying home Sunday..  Too much fun.. So, these photos are shot by Robbie at the VORE center.  He did an AMAZING job with the shots.  He also shot a clip on my i-Phone for me that I absolutely treasure.. just amazing.  so Here is a calendar I put together for myself – i got an 11×14 one from Walmart, so the pix will be BIG 🙂

Okay, So here’s 3 clips of the Jeep that kicked off this trip… RC Jeep Clip 1    RC Jeep Clip 2    RC Jeep Clip 3

Here’s the video clip of me at the track – VOLUME UP for this!….  BlueJ YouTube Clip at VORE

Here are the calendar pages


2016 Calendar FPOTM

On  My Motorcycle Forum, we also have “Photo of the Month” contests, also for fun.. Someone asked me to make a calendar of these winners, so these are the pages for that calendar.  Now there were gaps going back preventing a 1:1 monthly winner, so I chose to go back to the past 24 winners that had photos available and such, and post 2 per month all in random order.  Now  this little bit of trivia is pretty funny – out of the 24, 5 are mine  LOL!  guess the forum likes my pix…………..


2016 Calendar -FOTM

On My Motorcycle Forum, we have monthly ‘Fury of the Month’ contests, for fun and for bragging rights…I make calendars featuring the winners.  Here is the 2016 Calendar.


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